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Prayer For The Ecclesia & For The 2020 Elections

Over the past few weeks, as I was preparing for a series of classes I will be giving to a group of intercessors, the LORD spoke to me concerning a few things relating to gates, possessing the gates of the enemy, and fasting for the 2020 elections.


I wanted to share the following prayer points with each of you as a call to arms. I hope that if you are not already doing so, that together we would not only fast but add the following points to your prayers:




  1. Pray for a mighty and powerful move of GOD.
  3. Pray for GOD’s divine intervention for the elections and beyond; that He would veto the plans and workings of the enemy for the elections and following the elections.
  5. Pray for a historical Awakening, Revival, and Reformation, in us, the ecclesia, U.S., and global communities.
  7. That we, the friends of GOD, the sheep, and sheep nations would possess the enemy’s gates.
  9. That demonic plans, plots, schemes would be frustrated and that the jezebel spirit, witchcraft, fear, anger, violence, and deception would be uprooted throughout the elections and the United States of America.
  11. As an ecclesia, we would be relentless, focused, and strategic in our prayers for the 2020 elections and beyond as we pray like never before.
  13. That we the ecclesia would be strong and stand firm in the upcoming spiritual battles; that we would be bold, undaunted, and persevere.
  15. As the ecclesia, we would keep GOD’s commandments carefully in mind.
  17. That a record number of GOD fearing voters would show up at the polls and vote by the leading of Holy Spirit.
  19. Pray that GOD would invade Justice Roberts heart, soul, and mind and he would make decisions that are Holy Spirit led.



Scriptures for Meditation


Matthew 16:17-19; Genesis 22:17; Deuteronomy 11:20



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