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Prayer For Our Children, Generations, & Nations

This prayer contains another excellent reminder of GOD’s promises to us, our children, generations, and nations:


Abba, we praise and magnify Your Holy name. Thank You for reminding us this morning of Your promise to forgive me and my children’s sins when we seek Your forgiveness. I also praise You for giving me the promise of Holy Spirit and that this promise is available to my children and generations, even those yet to come, as a result of our acceptance and confession of Jesus Christ as our LORD.


I praise You because this promise is also for people who live in other countries and nations. Father, in Your divine sovereignty, You have chosen many people to believe in You and Your Son Jesus. This promise is for them as well.


I pray and give thanks for not only my children and generations but those of various countries and nations. I pray that they and their children would seek You, accept and confess Jesus The Christ as their LORD and receive Your amazing promises.


In the name of Jesus I pray. Amen!



Acts 2:39



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