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Following the Prayer of Salvation, these are the steps we recommend: Purchase a Bible or download a Bible app such as Biblegateway or YouVersion. Here are a couple of recommended Bible versions: New King James (NKJV): This is a modern translation of the original King James Bible. This version also applies the most recent research in archaeology, linguistics, and textual studies. Amplified Bible Classic (AMPC): This version takes the meaning of a word and context into account in order to accurately translate the original text using explanatory alternate readings and amplifications assisting the reader in understanding what Scripture is saying. Get into a good & solid Bible-based church. Read and study the Bible daily. Ask Holy Spirit to help you understand what you read. We recommend you begin reading in the book of John, chapter 1, verse 1. Pray daily and when you do pray, ask in the name of Jesus. The Father will do it. This truth can be found in the book of John chapter 14, verse 13. We have some examples of prayers for new believers to help you get started. Trust GOD, He will help you pray.

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