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Prophetic Word Of Encouragement You find yourself at a crossroads. Do not despair, nor give in to weariness. Understand that you are being positioned for advancement. Behold, you stand at the gate of breakthroughs; choose wisely...Read more.
His Supernatural Times - The Census You are hearing the Sound of GOD stirring your spirit, alerting you to the time of a Spiritual Census...Read more.
Spiritual Census - The Tabernacle You have been dwelling with Me in My Tabernacle; it has not only been a place of sheltering but one of My Presence as well. I have called you into a time of separation to enter the Holy of Holies...Read more.
A Fresh Alignment An Awakening For Revival A revival is sparking throughout the land, over My people and the nations of the earth. I am drawing the Ecclesia closer to Me, transforming perspectives, mindsets, views, appearances, hearing, old ways of doing things, and spiritual states...Read more.
I Am Building My Altar: Part 2 I will cause My remnant to build altars on the face of the earth, tearing down altars of Baal, Ashteroth, and idolatry, along with those serving the spirit of Jezebel...Read more.
I Am Building My Altar: Part 1 I Am building My altar through My remnant who is sold out to Me. They long to hear, see, and experience what I have written in My Word. ...Read more.
Cities Will Soon Reopen, Don't Run Like The World Will Run Here is what the Spirit of GOD is saying in this hour: “Cities will soon reopen their gates and doors. Don’t run like the world will run, instead run...Read more.
His Word To The Heads Of Households & Families “Some are aligned with Me, others are not. Those who are...Read more.
I AM Freeing You There is a breaking, a breakthrough, and a breakout. I AM freeing you from the bonds of the past and from those things that hinder...Read more.
These Are Supernatural Times! Do not fear, the unseen enemy. Do not doubt. Although the evil one leaves a trail of destruction, look and you will see My path of Blessing...Read more.
Christ's Identity In You Prophetic Word: You are free to be who GOD has called and designed you to be!...Read more.
Rest Did you know that the enemy has made a decree against you? You may be experiencing fear right now, feelings of anxiety, not knowing which direction to turn. Have you ever asked yourself: How is this possible for me as a believer?...Read more.

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